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We tend to think of bacteria as harmful, disease-causing organisms. Over the last 120 years, though, science has uncovered the reality that every living system — from plant to animal, including humans — is covered by trillions of microorganisms. Most of these are either neutral or beneficial.

Probiotics products put these beneficial microorganisms to work to impact a vast range of systems, structures, and processes — including the process of making leather.


As these bacterial strains grow together, they interact together, forming a small ecosystem that resembles how microorganisms survive in the natural environment.

As a result, they become stronger, more resilient, and more effective at working together synergistically.

This careful blend of beneficial bacterial strains is the beginning of a probiotic product: the “mother culture.”

probiotic biochemicals


Each strain of beneficial microorganism is unique in the way they impact their surrounding environment, through the activities they perform and the byproducts they produce. Most probiotic companies grow several individual bacterial strains in sterile isolation, then combine them during packaging.

As an SCD Probiotics affiliate company, Proviera uses their patented probiotic technology as the foundational element for all our products. SCD’s probiotics are grown together in “consortia,” a scientifically-proven process of co-growth that combines multiple bacteria strains during production.