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Biochemistry brings together biology and chemistry to create chemical products, naturally. Our probiotic-derived biochemicals use microorganisms to perform the same chemical processes synthetics do. The result is a safer process that not only uses fewer resources, it creates less end waste as well.

A More Sustainable Leather Tanning Process

The leather tanning process is resource-intensive and has traditionally used chemicals to turn raw animal hides and skins into beautiful, finished leather products.

This creates very high amounts of both wastewater and solid residues — especially in the beamhouse, where cured and fresh hides are cleaned and prepared for tanning.


When you replace traditional chemicals with 100% natural products, you reduce chemical usage, water, and waste compared to traditional processes.

Leather quality can be improved, and with 100% biodegradable products, the process is non-hazardous. Odor levels are also improved.

A More Sustainable Manufacturing Process

Because Proviera® products are derived through fermentation, they not only improve sustainability in the leather tanning process, they are manufactured more sustainably than traditional chemicals as well.

A Natural Bio-Reaction

Fermentation is a natural bio-reaction. As such, it doesn’t require any additional or external sources of energy – meaning it also doesn’t release greenhouse gas emissions.

Non-Toxic and Non-Corrosive

Unlike traditional, synthetic chemicals, biochemicals derived from probiotic fermentation don’t have any potential toxicological effects. They’re also non-corrosive.

Manufactured Using Renewable Resources

Probiotic technology uses raw, natural materials that are both renewable and sustainable. They don’t depend on industries like crude oil.