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Is a More Sustainable Tannery Possible?

Biochemistry brings together biology and chemistry to create chemical products, naturally. Our probiotic-derived biochemicals use microorganisms to perform the same chemical processes synthetics do. The result is a safer, more earth-friendly, sustainable tannery process that not only uses fewer resources, it creates less end waste as well.

Tanneries Use Chemicals

The chemicals used in tanning leather can add up to as much as 50% of the weight of the raw hides themselves, and many of these are synthetic chemicals made from petroleum.

A small percentage of these chemicals are combined with the hides and skins to convert them into leather, the rest are dumped in the water outflow.

Wastewater treatment results in high amounts of sludge. Sludge containing high amounts of chemicals is costly to treat.

To prevent rotting in raw hides biocides are used in large amounts. Discharges of biocides affect the efficiency of wastewater treatment plants.

Toward a More Sustainable Tannery Process

Because Proviera® products are derived through fermentation, they not only improve sustainability in the leather tanning process, they are manufactured more sustainably than traditional chemicals as well.  This translates to a more sustainable tannery and production process.

A Natural Bio-Reaction

Fermentation is a natural bio-reaction. As such, it doesn’t require any additional or external sources of energy – meaning it also doesn’t release greenhouse gas emissions.

Non-Toxic and Non-Corrosive

Unlike traditional, synthetic chemicals, biochemicals derived from probiotic fermentation don’t have any potential toxicological effects. They’re also non-corrosive.

Manufactured Using Renewable Resources

Probiotic technology uses raw, natural materials that are both renewable and sustainable. They don’t depend on industries like crude oil.

Because our probiotic bio-chemicals are all-natural, they are safer to handle, use fewer resources, and create less waste. The biochemicals derived from such formulations can be harnessed to perform the same jobs in tanneries as some synthetic chemicals do.

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