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Proviera – Probiotics for Leather can be used on any type of hide and skins and are applicable for most leather manufacturing stages. They are 100% biodegradable and hazardless, resulting in less chemical usage, water usage, and waste. Because they prevent against putrefaction for up to 24 hours, they eliminate the need for bactericides, reducing costs, improving effluent treatment plant performance, and minimizing the risk of bactericide-related allergies for tanners.

Proviera products are NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certified. Learn more about what that means >


ProSpread™ is used as a natural dispersing and cleaning agent, solubilizing and dispersing organic material, thus allowing an easy removal from hides or skins.

Dispersing organic material
Dispersing process chemicals

Presoaking, esp. salted hides
Retanning, fatliquoring, dyeing

Store at room temperature; prevent from freezing.

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proviera natural

100% Natural

proviera non toxic

Non-Toxic and Non-Corrosive

proviera manufactured

Manufactured Using Renewable Resources

proviera reduce water usage

Reduces Chemical and Water Usage

proviera reduces effluent load

Significantly Reduces Effluent Load

proviera reduces odor level

Reduces Odor Levels Inside and Outside the Tannery