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Along with our partners, we’re changing the way leather is made.


Stahl has partnered with Proviera to create a better future in leather production using sustainable, probiotic-derived technology.

In 2016, Stahl obtained the rights to distribute Proviera – Probiotics for Leather to their clients across the globe.

As the industry market leader in chemicals, Stahl is committed to innovation and sustainability in leather production. This starts in the beginning of the leather supply chain: in the beamhouse. By enabling tanneries to prepare hides for tanning in a more sustainable way, Proviera replaces traditional chemicals with 100% natural products and reduces beamhouse wastewater.

Proklean Technologies

Proklean Technologies, based in Chennai, India, is a licensee, licensor, and technology partner of SCD Probiotics and Proviera.

Proklean was founded by Dr. S Sivaram Pillai, after he served as SCD Probiotics CEO, to license, manufacture, and promote SCD Probiotics’ environmental probiotic technologies in India. Dr. Pillai worked with his co-founder, B Chadrashekar, to innovate on SCD’s technology platform.

Through technical cooperation, SCD Probiotics, Proklean, and Proviera developed applications of probiotic technology for more sustainable biochemicals in leather tanning and textile and paper manufacturing.