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What This Means for Tanneries

Proviera Probiotic Biochemicals and Your Tannery

By implementing Proviera biochemicals in your tanning processes you can expect:

clear water

Reduce the tannery’s fossil fuel footprint by replacing leather chemicals manufactured from petroleum with Proviera probiotic biochemicals.

proviera fermenation

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by replacing the high energy usage of chemical reactors with low-energy fermentation.


Reduce Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions by 1.1 KG for every KG of chemicals replaced.

proviera river

Reduce the amount of traditional chemicals in the water outflow which then  lowers water treatment costs.


  • Proviera probiotic biochemicals for tanneries naturally prevent the growth of undesirable bacteria that can cause rot and putrefaction in hides and skins before tanning.  Putrifaction which may affect the quality of the final leather articles.
  • Leather quality improves in terms of uniformity, brighter and intense colors, and area yield.
  • Proviera probiotic biochemicals enhance the performance of chemicals, thus achieving better results with fewer chemicals.
proviera biochemicals for leather


  • Making leather products with Proviera probiotic biochemicals takes 85%-95% less water than using synthetic or petroleum-based leather chemicals.
  • Probiotic manufacturing has a 60%-90% smaller carbon footprint than synthetic chemical manufacturing.
  • Thousands of gallons of water are saved by eliminating repeated washes between tanning operations.
probiotic biochemicals for leather


  • Simple product application
  • Reduction of chemical purchases
  • Lower effluent treatment costs
  • Waste from hides and skins treated with Proviera products contains fewer chemicals and has a higher value. A by-product from tanneries is collagen, which can be recycled into many other industries, such as cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, pet toys, and others.
  • Better hide sorting
  • Fewer rejections
proviera probiotic biochemicals for leather