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Management Team

Matt Wood, Founder and CEO

Matt has been a pioneer in developing probiotic technologies since 1996. He has led the development and commercialization of probiotic consortia fermentation technologies for multiple industries, as well as the development and expansion of SCD Probiotics’ global network of manufacturers and distributors. In 2012, he led the launch and funding of Proviera Biotech to develop and commercialize sustainable products for the leather tanning industry. Matt earned his bachelor’s degree in soil and atmospheric sciences from the University of Missouri-Columbia and his master’s degree in bioproduction from the University of Ryukyus, Okinawa, Japan. In 2011, Matt was awarded for his contributions to soil science and sustainable technology by Poland’s Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Marek Sawicki. Fluent in English, Spanish, and Japanese, Wood is a frequent guest speaker and thought leader across the globe on sustainability and probiotic technology.

proviera Narin Tipsrisukond
Dr. Narin Tipsrisukond, Executive Vice President of Technology

Dr. Narin Tipsrisukond has 13 years of R&D experience focusing on agricultural and food-grade supplements. Prior to SCD Probiotics and Proviera, he worked as the head of R&D for BioSyntropy, a privately-held firm specializing in natural microbial-based products. While at BioSyntropy, he established QA/QC programs to follow USFDA GMP guidelines for dietary supplements. Since joining SCD Probiotics, he has successfully led efforts to develop bio-based, probiotic-derived cleaning and tannery products, including those for Proviera. Narin leads and manages tactical and strategic research and development, as well as intellectual property development plans, for Proviera. He received his bachelor’s degree in agriculture/animal science from Prince Songkla University, Thailand, his master’s degree in food science from the University of Missouri, and his PhD in food science from the University of Missouri.

michael goetz
Michael Goetz

Michael Goetz has over 3 decades experience in c-suite roles, as board member and executive advisory engagements in both public and private companies across Europe and Asia.

Over the last decade he has been retained as an industry expert and specialist for both PricewaterhouseCoopers and AT Kearney where he advised and executed numerous strategic projects in many industries, such as pulp and paper, plastics, and aluminum. As a board member he has been active in both manufacturing and financial institutions. Prior to entering consulting and advisory, Michael Goetz was the former CEO of a major Vienna Prime Market listed company and has also personally established a greenfield FMCG factory in China.

Michael earned a degree in law at the University of Salzburg. He also graduated with an economics degree from the Business School of St. Gallen an completed a credit training with Chase Manhattan Bank in London. His mother tongue is German, and he has achieved fluency in French and English.