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  • Elimination of surfactants
  • 100% replacement of all NPEO containing chemicals
  • No need to add bactericide at soaking
  • Reduced chemical costs
  • Reduced drawn effect due to better opening of fibers. Hence, higher yield.
  • Improved leather quality due to better surface and subsurface cleaning
  • Improved hair removal
  • Reduced water usage
  • Broad pH and temperature range
  • Uniform dyeing
  • Patch-free surface
  • Reduced effluent load

Yes, all of our products can be used in the presence of other tannery chemicals.

Proviera’s products have hydrotropic properties and can behave like surfactants. Due to the small size of their molecules, they can easily penetrate in the fibril structure of the hides and skins. All these properties result in superior inner hydration, opening up hide fibers and allowing chemicals to go through the entire hide cross section.

Our products do not directly replace other leather tanning products but can reduce the need of synthetic chemicals providing cleaner alternative systems while improving leather quality. For example, at the soaking stage, they can replace traditional soaking agents and leather become more uniform in fullness and colors.

The Proviera products enhance the unhairing systems of free or low sulphur.

Using ProSoak and ProSpread is as effective as using soaking enzymes, while minimizing the risk of overdosing and avoiding the strict control needed to stop enzymatic activity after processing.

No, using ProSoak and ProSpread does not eliminate the use of lime. The advantage of Proviera’s probiotic products is easy unhairing with no visible hair roots or scuds.  In addition, the use of ProSoak and ProSpread ensures a better uptake of chemicals as fibers open more compared to the traditional tanning processes.

Our products are designed to work individually. In some stages of processing, they can be combined for better efficiency. For example, when degreasing hides and skins with a very high fat content, it usually is necessary to wash the skins with reduced quantities of an emulsifier after the treatment with ProDegreaze.

All three products perform well within the range of 5°C to 60°C (41°F – 140°F).  As a result, the application temperature can be adjusted to improve processing conditions.

Our products can be used on any type of hide and skins — cow (including jumbo bovines), sheep, goat, buff etc.

Proviera biochemicals are 100% natural, non-hazardous products and are exempt of REACH regulations. Proviera can provide certifications that our products do not contain restricted substances

In tropical countries, wet blue tends to get too dry and we have seen that best results are obtained by using ProDegreaze at 0.5 % of wet blue weight, in combination with ProSpread at 0.5 %, during the first washing / wetting back.

Normally ProSoak or ProSpread is used at the first stage called “Dirt soak” and both of these Proviera products have shown exceptional cleansing results which are superior to chemicals that are popularly used for this application.

Yes, ProDegreaze has been used at 0.2 % along with bating enzyme and it has been observed that the compatibility is good and the results are better.