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How Probiotic Biochemicals Work

Microbiology studies small, living things and looks at the way these microorganisms can be put to work in nearly every process on our planet. Every part of life also involves chemical reactions — chemistry examines how and why different substances combine, interact, react, and transform.

Proviera’s probiotic biochemicals combine microbiology with chemistry to produce products that perform chemical processes using microorganisms.

probiotic biochemicals bacteria
Like other organisms, microorganisms need food or fuel to function. As they break down the substances they “eat,” they create metabolites.

probiotic biochemicals molecules
Metabolites are small molecules (even smaller than other molecules) that because of their low weight, can easily enter other cells and interact with them.

probiotic biochemicals process
Proviera’s probiotic biochemicals are metabolites derived from the controlled fermentation of probiotic cultures and natural ingredients.

probiotic biochemicals leather tanning
In leather tanning, these metabolites are small enough to penetrate inside the fibers of hides and skins. These metabolites are also hydrotropes.