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Who we are

Proviera® is committed to providing a full spectrum of probiotic and biochemical solutions for various Probiotics for Leather™ applications. Conceived through proprietary consortia technology, these products are designed to provide cutting-edge, superior performance, and cost-effect alternatives to traditional chemicals.

As an SCD Probiotics affiliate company, Proviera® – Probiotics for Leather™ uses SCD Probiotics Mother Culture and probiotic technology as the foundational element for all our products.

Founded in 1998, SCD Probiotics manufactures beneficial microorganisms through a patented, proprietary process called consortia technology. It’s this process that makes SCD Probiotics’s microorganisms fundamentally different from other probiotics. This method of growing its probiotic strains in “consortia,” is a unique process of co-growth that combines multiple strains during production.

Proklean Technologies, based in Chennai, India, is a licensee, licensor, and technology partner of SCD Probiotics and Proviera.

Proklean was founded by Dr. S Sivaram Pillai, after he served as SCD Probiotics CEO, to license, manufacture, and promote SCD Probiotics’ environmental probiotic technologies in India. Dr. Pillai worked with his co-founder, B Chadrashekar, to innovate on SCD’s technology platform.

Through technical cooperation, SCD Probiotics, Proklean, and Proviera developed applications of probiotic technology for more sustainable biochemicals in leather tanning and textile and paper manufacturing.