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We’re making leather safer, more efficient, and more sustainable

Until now, synthetic leather chemicals and solvents have been used to turn natural hides and skins into finished leather. Largely unchanged since the introduction of industrial leather making, this costly process depends on the crude oil industry and creates large amounts of waste, much of which could be reused if not for their chemical contamination.

Proviera is changing that. Our biochemicals are derived from probiotic cultures and fully renewable natural raw ingredients. They use biotechnology to naturally and effectively break down and process hides and skins for leather, helping tanners implement sustainable strategies by reducing the need for synthetic chemicals and adding value to tanning by-products.


What Proviera Can Do For Your Tannery

proviera nature

When you replace traditional leather chemicals with 100% natural probiotic biochemicals:

Proviera low cost

Lower Operating Costs

proviera increase yield

Increase Area Yield

Proviera improve quality

Improve Leather Quality

Proviera reduces chemicals

Reduce Reliance on Costly Chemicals

Proviera water usage

Reduce Water Usage and Waste

proviera non hazardous

Create a Non-Hazardous Process


When you replace traditional leather chemicals with 100% natural products, the entire process is affected — from the biochemical manufacturing process to reduced chemical and water usage in tanning.
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